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Emercency Response Team

Emergency Response Team

In caso di emergenza, Reber fornisce anche servizi di Pronto intervento 24/24h festività comprese, a Torino, Milano e in tutto il Nord Italia

In case of emergency, Reber provides services 24 / 24h including holidays thanks to the

Emergency Response Team 

Available 24 hours a day for any need

Emergency intervention for every situation

To request more information about the service, simply fill out the form in the contact section or contact our office.


  • Staff used to work in any environment
  • Staff trained to perform all tasks
  • Staff able to solve immediate needs


The team is trained to use machines from the simplest such as:

  • monobrush
  • washer-dryer
  • dry vacuum cleaners

to the most complex ones like:

  • mechanical shovel
  • fixed network suction systems
  • crystallization and resin coating of floors
  • clean room interventions
  • Hydro sandblasting
  • glass washing with osmotized water system
  • high pressure washing
  • wheeled tanker trucks for liquid suction

The entire emergency response team is trained and updated periodically, complying with the legislative provisions of the legislative decree 81/08 and in particular the trainings are carried out for interventions in confined spaces. The training concerns first aid, operations and P.P.E. third category as:

  • HARNESSES: a wide choice of devices for any operation at height, from classic positioning and fall protection to the most advanced for access on rope and arboriculture. Characterized by lightness and comfort, designed to allow the ventral attachment system with double concentric slot and equipped with buckles with quick adjustment or automatic release.
  • HELMETS: of different sizes and colors are designed to allow the use in the maximum comfort of ear protectors or visors. With safety under-hook and lamp-holding clip, quick adjustment and equipped with ventilation holes. Spare parts are also available.
  • ENERGY ABSORBERS: devices of variable lengths able to absorb and limit the impact with the vacuum.
  • LINES AND POSITIONING SYSTEMS: polyamide strings of different lengths with, where provided connection, aluminum alloy ring.
  • ANCHORING DEVICES: horizontal temporary life lines with anchor rings and steel connectors. Aluminum alloy anchor multipliers or rope twisting rotors are available.
  • CONNECTORS: a wide range of devices in aluminum alloy, galvanized carbon steel and stainless steel, with screw or lever locking systems.
  • TOOLS AND DESCENTS TOOLS: mechanical devices that range from downhill tracks to climbing gear, through tripods, retractable fall arrester devices, blocking handles and pulleys.
  • ROPES: of different lengths and able to withstand the worst frictions, very safe and with high resistance to abrasion.
  • EQUIPMENT TOOLS: specific kits thanks to which an operator can freely descend to help a colleague, allowing the hooking, lifting and lowering to the ground.
  • AUTORESPIRATORS: equipped with compressed air cylinders, they allow the operator to work in complete safety in confined spaces or suspected pollution. If portable instead allow escape from emergency situations.
  • BARELLA SKED: vertically verricellabile, allows the recovery of the injured from the confined spaces, without creating situations of further risk for the incorrect positioning of the operator. 


  • The flying squads allow the customer flexibility
  • The resources are updated on innovative products, equipment and machinery paying particular attention to the environmental impact
  • The resources have the experience lived in the field for several years

Some examples of work done by the intervention team