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Years of Civil Cleaning
Years of Industrial Cleaning
Years of Technical Cleaning

Reber has been working in the cleaning sector in the national territory for more than 60 years. 

Reber is a company of about 400 resources active in Italy since 1953 among the  most financially solid companies in the sector. Now in its fourth generation, it provides civil cleaning, industrial cleaning and technical cleaning services to big production plants. It is in partnership with companies that provide collateral services such as maintenance, supervision, waste intermediation. Reber is specialized in rebuilding industrial floors. What makes us really different from other operators is the ability to operate on the market with a rigorous method and a unique professional ethic. This is why we are able to provide ad hoc solutions for each customer, always perfect for timing, technology and costs. A certified quality and a constant attention to environmental issues, a team of carefully selected professionals, make Reber one of the best performing companies on the market.

Our strengths are:

1. Organization and management of resources

 • consolidated experience in the sector to be redesigned ad hoc activities

• reorganization and management of industrial resources

• one to one coaching at the beginning of the contract

• continuous training on activities at all levels

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2. Financial solidity

The ownership of the company is a family that over the years has always invested profits and resources in order to create financial soundness that allows Reber not to pay interest. This solidity let Reber make investments for the best products, equipment and machinery for the services

3. Ethicality:

The punctuality of payments, the compliance to regulations, the transparency,the company code of ethics, are part of the reference of the business of excellent relations with the Industrial Unions of the territory and with the trade unions.

4. Specific works:

lavori specifici

Reber provides qualified personnel, specialized and trained to perform specific jobs in confined places, in heights, forklift trucks, porterage and other non-ordinary conditions (hot, cold etc.) and uses innovative and suitable equipment and machinery.

5. Experience:

Ability to redesign the service and recreate ad hoc specifications of the contract with the client, including revision flexibilities and considering the management of production fluctuations.

6. Tradition and innovation:

Tradition and innovation: Reber combines the experience in various sectors gained over time through contract coordinators, ready-to-work teams and key employees in the office, with the inclusion of new young resources, site managers and collaborators who attend training courses, participate in trade fairs international and bring constant innovation in 4.0’s view as the management of delivery of dpi with signature and orders of products and equipment through the Reber portal. We know the sectors in which we operate perfectly. This is why our proposals are always oriented towards excellence and are able to respond with precision, punctuality and efficiency to the real needs of all our customers.

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