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Civil Services

Civil Services

Among the civil services, Reber offers:

  • Office cleaning
  • Management and preparation of meeting rooms
  • Reception
  • Porterage and internal removals
  • Green management

Specifically, Reber takes care of the material provision of stationery and water and prepares the rooms according to the required geometric shapes. We organize the service on shifts, if requested, with staff with knowledge of languages, information technology and practical of incoming registrations. The staff is able to manage “delicate” removals and assignments such as bank commissions, postings, payments and other business practices. Supply of planters and / or office plants with maintenance plan.

Reber creates customized estimates and plans a contract to be managed with own vehicles (tractors, brushcutters, lawn movers, hedge trimmers).

Reber personnel are trained according to the procedures of the “Reber Method” on the appropriate use of:

  • Microfiber cloths for dusting
  • Glasses cloth
  • Sponges
  • Cart maintenance
  • Gauze and wet sweeping
  • Offices cleaning
  • Sanitary cleaning
  • Separate collection of waste
  • Glass cleaning

Deep cleaning among the civil services

  • Stripping / waxing
  • Pvc treatment
  • Floor crystallization
  • Glass washing not accessible from the ground
  • Moquette washing (injection and extraction or dry shampon)
  • Carpet  washing
  • Curtains washing
  • Fancool dust removal and air conditioners
  • High speed polishing
  • Spray cleaning
  • Computer cleaning (monitor and keyboard)
  • Cleaning with suction of the floating underlay
  • Wet dust removal of the Venetian blinds (in-situ or with disassembly and reassembly)
  • Cleaning of lighting bodies
  • Cleaning slats in place or with disassembly


  • Cleaning and restoring of the rooms
  • Supply and management of courtesy line and accessories
  • Laundry management (flat linen and guests)
  • Porterage

Identification of the most suitable sets according to the quality level required for bath foam, shampoo, soap, shower caps and management of adequate stocks in the offices appropriate to the number of guests. Choice in agreement with the client on supplying samples of suitable linen. Computer management of “dirt” and “clean” in total autonomy with regard to laundry and stocks


  • Consolidate experience in management of the resources
  • Optimization of time and costs
  • Use of ecological detergents
  • Separate collection of rubbish
  • Ongoing reports on the development of the service

Servizi civili dal 1953. Reber fornisce pulizie civili di uffici, sale riunioni, reception. Si occupa anche di fattorinaggio, traslochi e gestione del verde in tutta Italia.