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Industrial and Techincal cleanings

Industrial and Technical cleaning

The consolidated know-how in various sectors (food, electronics, metalworking, energy, rubber), the innovative methods (sanification with foaming, cryogenic cleaning, saturated steam …) and the organization based on the process engineering of the Clients, has allowed Reber to gain experience in the establishments’ cleanings and in the production plants.

Mechanized cleaning, PLANTS and CLEAN ROOMS, Management of ecological areas, Internal logistics, Access control are just some of the services that Reber carries out in industrial plants.


  • We previously put into safety the plants (even with lock-out systems), than we clean the production lines
  • Cleaning of band carriers, tool post, furnaces, switchboards, pallets
  • Cleaning of robots, turbines, condersers, filter chambers, batteries of cooling down
  • Cleaning of painting plats (mud removers, tunnel of washing, flights, nozzles, thin layers of water, furnaces, chimneys)
  • Management of purification plants (filter presses)
  • Cleaning of autoclaves
  • Cleaning of sili and confined spaces
  • Cleaning of electricity generation plants
  • Cleaning of special marine cables production plants
  • Cleaning of anti-vibrating production plants
pulizie in luoghi confinati e cleanroom

pulizie in luoghi confinati e cleanroom


  • fixed network suction systems
  • crystallization and varnishing of the floors
  • Hydro sandblasting 
  • high pressure washing
  • wheeled tanker trucks for liquid suction
  • use of nanotechnology


  • Consolidated Know-how in different industrial sectors
  • Application of industrialized systems to optimize the productivity
  • Specific training on the field linked to the job
  • Use of ad hoc machineries and equipments
  • Ongoing improvement to each level 
  • Auditing and periodical reports



Reber si occupa di pulizia delle linee produttive, nastri trasportatori, robot, impianti di verniciatura, autoclavi e sili. Pulizie industriali e tecniche sugli impianti.