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Positive Reviews

November 2019 

The Environment and Safety audit was positive for the collaboration and availability offered. Reber uses detergents in its cleaning activities that are correctly stored and of which SdS is present. The used PPE are in conformity with the risk. The forklift driver are in order with the training required by law. Ultimately, no non-conformities are found and an observation is expressed. (Customer in the pigment industry).

November 2019 

Thanks to everyone’s work, the plant once again achieved an important result in the WCM audit. Thanks for your commitment. (Customer in the automotive sector)

June 2019

Basic cleaning work performed in an exemplary manner! (Customer in the automotive sector)

February 2019

I wanted to thank you for the excellent work done by the team (as always) for the professionalism and availability shown by everyone. This commitment has allowed us to present our factory and our plants in the best conditions. Thank you (Customer in the automotive sector)

January 2019

The vendor rating in terms of quality, service, performance and safety for the year 2018 conducted on Reber produced a result equal to 84/100. (Customer in the electronics industry).

In 2018, 96.55% of our customers were satisfied with the service offered

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November 2018

Following the Audit on 5S, Reber’s valuation was 84.3 / 100. (Customer in the automotive sector)

November 2018

Your Quality system is very robust and well managed. The score we have given you based on the evidence and suggested improvement opportunities is the highest of our supplier audits conducted in 2018. We thank the Reber team for hospitality and availability during the audit. We trust in a long and fruitful collaboration with Reber. The total score is 9.4 / 10. (Customer in the electronics industry)

September 2018

Good morning, TI’s current visit, which was in fact an audit of the 5s and clean areas, went very well. In particular, the MKIX order and cleanliness condition was appreciated (it used the expression “it’s shining!”), The orderly management and oriented towards the prevention of errors in the clean-room. It made me particularly proud. (Customer in the electronic sector)

July 2018

Good morning, yesterday the ISO 14001 inspectors complimented us on the state of order and cleanliness they found in our waste storage areas. Keep these standards high, we will have visits from other control bodies eg. ARPA. Thanks again. (Customer in the pigment industry)

June 2018

We would like to thank you, in the name of the entire quality department, for the cooperation obtained throughout the phase for the certification preparation and during these intense days of audit. Over the closing meeting, the certifiers congratulated everyone for the availability and commitment: no non-compliance was found. “Teamwork divides tasks and multiplies success” cit. (Customer in the logistics and transport sector)

June 2018

Good morning, I wanted to thank all the staff in particular the ones who arrived from Turin that helped during the activities necessary for the realization of the open-space polishing. I wanted to write it, considering our requests to make you work on weekends and especially under pressure to respect the times that were perfectly respected. (Customer in the electronics industry)

May 2018

Simply, thank you all for the valuable contribution to the great success of the Family Day 2018. It was a beautiful day of sharing and celebration, thanks to the commitment and enthusiasm of each one of you. (Customer in the field of precision mechanics)

May 2018

The audit at Reber was positive for the collaboration and availability offered. The personnel handling the raw materials are aware of our internal emergency procedure and are able to describe in detail the behavior in case of spills of dangerous substances. Furthermore, it has been informed about the methods of execution of the separate collection that takes place on the Site and on the positions of the collection points of used PPE. Reber uses correct cleaning agents in its cleaning activities. The PPE used are in compliance with the risk. The forklift trucks are able to describe the most critical raw materials storage and what measures are to be taken to reduce the risk of soil contamination. The forklift drivers are in order with the training required by law. (Client in the pigment industry) 

February 2018

The vendor rating in terms of quality, service, performance and safety reported for 2016 on Reber produced a result of 85/100. (Customer in the electronics industry).

In 2017 more than 88% of our clients was satisfied with the service

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December 2017

I would like to mean you our satisfaction with the work of your foreman in the organization and execution of cleaning activities that preceded the certification visit. Thanks to everyone’s contribution, we have reached the highest level this year again. (Producer of food for dogs and cats)

November 2017

If Reber has been working in our Italian plants since 2011, it is because you are serious, you know how to work and you have shown us to understand the subject (Client in the high technology sector)

July 2017

We thank you for the collaboration and the excellent service you are providing us  (Client in the automotive sector).

May 2017

The vendor rating in terms of quality, service, performance and safety reported for 2016 on Reber produced a result of 84/100. (Client in the automotive sector).

March 2017

If I had the slightest doubt about your seriousness, honesty, fairness, transparency, you would not even be here. (Client in the automotive sector)

March 2017

“We believe that, in terms of solidity, preparation, ability and determination, you are able to reach the goal that satisfies both of us”. (Client who is leader in abrasives production)

In 2016 more than 83% of our clients has rated our service with a good/excellent result

November 2016

We thank you for the support of your team. Work and collaboration always bring excellent results.

Thank you  (Client in the automotive sector).

November 2016

I would like to thank you very much for the fundamental and efficient contribution you gave to me to face this important audit, for what concerns my pillar. It ended with the recognition of the highest marks with honors. Thank you. (Client in the automotive sector).

October 2016

We closed the audit in a VERY POSITIVE way. THANKS you ALL FOR THE BRILLIANT RESULT we OBTAINED. Let’s continue with the excellent work, also for the next scheduled audits (Customer in the electronics industry)

June 2016

Hereby we inform you that the vendor rating referred to the year 2015 conducted on Reber produced a more than positive result equal to 86/100. (Customer in the automotive sector).

July 2016

We send you a praise for your worker whose job is full of effort and because he is always available on phone in time. (Customer in the automotive sector).

February 2016

Compared to the previous year, the total score of Reber vendor rating, which reached 84,29%, increased thanks to the management improvement. The good partnership regarding the cost review was further confirmed. There were 2 reports of 100 BAPPs and both referred to the non-use of hand protection devices, which in any case place REBER in a 98% compliance with our standards. (Customer in the electronics industry).

October 2015

Good morning, while understanding the “mechanisms” that derive from the application of our needs I would like to point out the excellent performance of your worker, especially in terms of flexibility and adaptability to our various requests (painting work, masonry, etc.) as well as productivity in proposing solutions to our problems (Customer in the field of welding and cutting high technology).

October 2015

Good morning, we hav passed the audit positively. Thank you for your cooperation.


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