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Certificazione Sicurezza

Environment Certification

Reber is environment certified. 

What we do

  • Separate collection
  • Waste disposal

Our objectives for the future

  • Reduce packaging and paper
  • Reduce dangerous waste generated in establishments
  • Reduce consumption of detergents (use of superconcentrates)
  • Search for  products more and more green and a sustainable and systems with a lower environmental impact
  • Employee awareness



REBER believes that its activities should not only meet economic criteria but must also be oriented towards respect for the environment and the proper use of natural resources for the Community.

The protection of the environment and the sustainable exploitation of resources are principles that are considered both in the management of their facilities and in the provision of cleaning services to customers.

The environmental management of REBER is based on the following principles:

  1. the provision of the service must be guaranteed respecting and protecting the quality of the environment;
  2. REBER intends to ensure absolute compliance with current national and regional regulations;
  3. REBER seeks customer satisfaction in terms of service, product and assistance, with particular attention to how it is used in respect of man and the environment;
  4. the design of the service and the selection of products and equipment are oriented towards eco-efficiency, innovation and the reduction of environmental impact (subject to the approval of the Customer);
  5. new projects and changes to equipment and work practices are assessed in advance to ensure control of any new impacts on the environment;
  6. REBER intends to minimize the production of polluting emissions in water and air, optimally manage the special waste products and hazardous substances used and preserve non-renewable resources, taking into account possible clean technologies and alternative products;
  7. staff training is a fundamental element for the pursuit of the reduction of the environmental impact of REBER. The awareness and the preparation of the operators constitute the first instrument of protection;
  8. REBER acts to guarantee workers’ safety, prevent environmental accidents and adopt appropriate emergency procedures;
  9. REBER declares to act in the maximum transparency and the availability towards the external interlocutors;
  10. REBER sensitizes its suppliers of goods and services to adopt behaviors, practices and procedures consistent with the principles expressed in the policy;
  11. REBER sensitizes its customers to the environmental problems related to the activities carried out at their sites.

The Management ensures that the REBER Environmental Policy is disseminated to all personnel and is available to the public.

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