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Quality Certification

Quality Certification

Reber is certified for quality management.

Integrated quality services

The quality certification for us means always giving the maximum to get the best possible result. Technology and tools change, people change and customer demands change. What does not change is our attention to quality: we are not satisfied with the middle ground but we always aim for excellence. That is why, over the years, Reber has become one of the most authoritative reference points in the field of integrated environmental services. We know how to manage every type of project with the best resources, in the shortest time possible and with the best quality-price ratio on the market. Is it not enough?


Reber 9001 - 1


Thanks to the efforts of all those who are part of the company, we are aware of a leadership in the industrial services sector, by refining technical and organizational skills with a view to “customer satisfaction”.


For the future, Reber intends to consolidate its position by increasing its penetration even abroad.


Reber provides civil and industrial cleaning services for a heterogeneous clientele and constantly strives to ensure that the service rendered is among the best possible. For this reason the top management of Reber has analyzed the expectations and needs of its customers (current and potential) summarizing them in:

  1. Quality of services offered high and constant over time at competitive prices
  2. Ability to provide the requested service with quickness and flexibility
  3. Continuous innovation on products, equipment and machinery
  4. Motivated and competent staff
  5. Creation of efficiency in order to reduce costs while maintaining the required quality

To meet these needs, the top management of Reber poses the following primary objectives for the entire organization.

  1. Mind the ways in which services are provided to encourage opportunities of improvement.
  2. Monitor the performance of personnel, products, equipment and machinery to ensure the expected quality of service.
  3. Identify and take care of customer needs in terms of additional service requirements.
  4. Establish a high flow of information with our suppliers and with the market to encourage the innovation of products, equipment and machinery.
  5. Motivate staff and provide them opportunities for professional growth through training and career development courses.
  6. To foster a climate of open collaboration and creative initiative within the organization.
  7. Create awareness of cost reduction

To achieve these objectives, the top management of Reber decided to establish and maintain a quality management system. The good functioning of the system is under the responsibility of all the Reber personnel each for their own skills. The Reber top Management assumes the role of:

Representative of the Quality Management

who has the authority to:

  • ensure that the quality management system is implemented and maintained in accordance with the requirements of the UNI EN ISO 9001: 2008 and 14001
  • periodically review of the system performance and improvement needs
  • guarantee, throughout the organization, the awareness of the clients’ requirements

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