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Maintenance course

Reber continues the training courses on the use and maintenance of washer-dryers, pressure washers, vacuum cleaners and motorized sweepers.

Thank you all for your cooperation!



Teamwork, forces of influence, styles of leadership, definition of a strategy … these are just some of the dealt themes after having put into practice the Ulaop game. By using only one finger the group has to pass from above till touching the floor. If even just one finger comes off the ulaop, the game has to start again! Game-training not to be underestimated!


Trasporti e Logistica

Da oggi Reber lavora per un cliente leader nella logistica del freddo svolgendo, nello specifico, le seguenti attività:

  • cernita e recupero pallet
  • pulizia pavimenti celle frigorifere
  • raccolta, cernita e gestione dei rifiuti
  • piccole manutenzioni
  • carico e scarico camion
  • pulizie civili  




Reber has acquired a new customer in aluminum reel manufacturer where Reber provides civil cleanings in the offices, control of the external arreee, ecological area sweeping, industrial cleaning in the shed and control of all the filter rooms. Reber also provides technical cleaning of filters and replacement of all filtering systems.




Reber works in a manufacturing plant of a client leader in the automotive industry. Reber provides the management of industrial waste, disposal services, civil cleanings in management offices, and other services in production areas, processing laboratories, locker rooms and toilets.


Formazione su manutenzioni

Reber ha svolto presso un nostro cliente la formazione (informazione, formazione e addestramento) sulla manutenzione di lavasciuga e aspiratori industriali. Nello specifico abbiamo trattato i seguenti argomenti:

  • manutenzione delle batterie al piombo acido;
  • manutenzione delle batterie al gel;
  • manutenzione ordinaria della lavasciuga con pulizia serbatoio;
  • pulizia filtri;
  • gestione del tergi pavimento;
  • pulizia tubi di aspirazione;
  • controllo spazzole;
  • controllo guarnizione, contenitore rifiuti e liquidi.

Personnel Management

Reber provides civil cleanings in locations of a big company that offers personnel management services.



Reber ha acquisito un nuovo cliente produttore di alluminio in bobina dove Reber esegue pulizie civili a livello di uffici, controllo delle aree esterne,  motospazzatura dell’area ecologica, pulizia industriale in capannone e controllo di tutte le sale filtri. Reber esegue inoltre pulizie tecniche sui filtri e sostituzione di tutti i sistemi di filtraggio.


Biscuit factory

Reber has acquired a new customer who produces cookies, cakes, donuts, pies, cookies and much more from the Italian confectionery tradition. At this factory, Reber provides industrial and technical cleaning on production lines and, in particular, on structures, walkways, storage towers, mezzanines, oilers, filters and lexan roofing, infarinators, entrance and exit ovens and sanification fans. Reber also carries out civil cleanings in laboratories and humidity analysis rooms.


Steel components

Reber has acquired a new customer who has been manufacturing sheet steel, stainless steel, aluminum and cold transformation molds for more than 50 years. Reber provides civil cleaning of offices and toilets, changing rooms, refectories, and industrial cleaning of production departments.